Amp Blasts: Android

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I have recently stated my issues with cell phones, but after getting the opportunity to see current smart-phones in action I have seen how useful they CAN be. However, the fact of the matter is that there are some major issues with smart-phones and in particular the current setup. In particular, most of what I have seen is that these days it is a two horse race between Android and iOS with other solutions really not picking up much steam in comparison. In the case of Android, there are some serious issues with the the platform that are senseless by nature.

google adds

Google's generation of page titles and descriptions (or "snippets") is completely automated and takes into account both the content of a page as well as references to it that appear on the web. The goal of the snippet and title is to best represent and describe each result and explain how it relates to the user's

Amp Blasts: Collegiate Energy Action Teams

This particular topic is one that really has bothered me as I have recently have seen one of these teams in action recently. Well, in action isn't really the proper word so much as how they are just more inactive. What particularly inspired this though was their obvious ignorance with regards to the usage of technology. The end result is that these so called Energy Action Teams are actually promoting the wasting of power due to their ignorance.

Future Amp Blasts Posts....

Before I proceed with the main part of this post, I should clarify something. After my most recent post, I have received some heat about some of the statements that I did make. With that in mind, I wish to state the following about things. Some individuals felt that I was being a "PC Fanboy" as I did take issue with Apple's computers. The honest reality is that I feel both platforms have their own flaws and I am not exactly a PC Fanboy. The honest reality is that as I said in the post in question, Mac OS X is indeed one of the best commercial Operating Systems available today. The issue I have was that based on some of my experiences, there are some issues with Macs that make them so that purchasing them is not a viable option. I am very interested in seeing how good the new Retina based MacBook Pros are though as this may give the necessary push for some better laptops from both PCs and MACs.

Command Prompt Tricks, Hacks, and Secrets in Windows 7, Vista, and XP by We1rdCmd

1. Use Ctrl-C to Abort a Command

Just about any command can be stopped in its tracks with the abort command: Ctrl-C.

If you haven't actually executed a command, you can just backspace and erase what you've typed, but if you've already executed it then you can do a Ctrl-C to stop it.

Warning: Ctrl-C isn't a magic wand and it can't undo things that aren't undoable, like a partially complete format command. However, for things like the dir command that seem to go on forever or questions you're asked at the prompt that you don't know the answer to, the abort command is an excellent Command Prompt trick to know.
2. View a Command's Results One Page (or Line) at a Time

Ever run a command, like the dir command, that produces so much information on the screen that it's almost useless? You're not alone.

One way around this is to execute the command in a special way so whatever information is generated is shown to you one page, or one line, at a time.

Amp Blasts: People obsessed with high end PCs

This has been something that has been brewing for a while, but RaT kind of brought this rage to the forefront. It is no secret that I don't have much of any disposable income. However, there are some people who fail to take this into consideration. In particular, people keep bugging me about upgrading my PC hardware.

I know that my desktop is old, but for what I do it works as there is only one game I cannot play on it that is of interest. However, from what I've seen most of the people I know in the crew use SLI which I think is complete overkill. Also, the most intensive program I run on my desktop is to playback Blu-Ray discs, which my Geforce 9600GT is more than capable of doing. The honest reality is that while modern PCs and MACs are indeed faster than what I have, it is an unnecessary expense that I cannot justify since I don't do high end gaming.

Amp Blasts: Nvidia drivers

When it comes to playing PC games, I cannot stand using Windows 7. I mentioned in an earlier post how Driver Enforcement has made using some of my hardware unusable on that operating system. There is also the issue that Windows 7 is slower due to how poorly made it was. However, it is the standard that everybody uses now and it has also caused for some new problems.

In 2011, Nvidia stopped making drivers for their mobile GPUs on Windows XP. This created a huge issue for me as many of the optimizations they have done in newer drivers I cannot utilize now. What makes this worse is that all programs that can detect driver versions constantly bitch at me about not having the newest drivers when I actually have the very last drivers they will make for mobile GPUs. I've just about had it with how backwards people are acting.

What new tutorials should I do for programming?

Ok, I was hoping to work on some tutorials for the site sooner related to programming, but personal commitments have kept me from doing this. However, things should drastically improve after this week so that I can make several more tutorials. What I can mention is that there is a good chance that I may update the first guide to have tutorials covering dynamic memory, data structures, and pointers which will utilize C++ examples.

Amp Blasts: Diablo III

Like always, these are the views and opinions of Amp only and are protected by the usage policy of this site.

In 2001, I bought Diablo II and the Lord of Destruction expansion the day of the expansion's release. When I beat the game I said if III ever happened I would buy it at launch day and that nothing would stop me. However, I now sit on this computer several days after launch without it. So let's take a brief look at what changed to convince me that it wasn't worth buying right now.

Amp Blasts: High End Videocards

Ten years ago, a top of the line videocard cost $300. With this $300, the cooling was such where two slots were not necessary. In addition, when buying it you knew that the card price wasn't going to be extremely subjective to change. In the past decade though, higher end videocards have just become bloated pieces of shit.

Now before getting angry at what I said, take this into consideration. Today, the Geforce GTX 690 was released which cost $999. The cooling solution to it is something that would take two slots and would still run at a temperature of 130 degrees Fahrenheit when idle. What's worse, in the next year this thing's cost will just drop left and right due to the current wars. The reality is that this videocard design style is impractical and is one of the reasons that we are still seeing the beyond awful Intel GPUs in computers that cannot run anything using 3D graphics worth a shit.

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