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What new tutorials should I do for programming?

Ok, I was hoping to work on some tutorials for the site sooner related to programming, but personal commitments have kept me from doing this. However, things should drastically improve after this week so that I can make several more tutorials. What I can mention is that there is a good chance that I may update the first guide to have tutorials covering dynamic memory, data structures, and pointers which will utilize C++ examples.

Amp Blasts: Diablo III

Like always, these are the views and opinions of Amp only and are protected by the usage policy of this site.

In 2001, I bought Diablo II and the Lord of Destruction expansion the day of the expansion's release. When I beat the game I said if III ever happened I would buy it at launch day and that nothing would stop me. However, I now sit on this computer several days after launch without it. So let's take a brief look at what changed to convince me that it wasn't worth buying right now.

Amp Blasts: High End Videocards

Ten years ago, a top of the line videocard cost $300. With this $300, the cooling was such where two slots were not necessary. In addition, when buying it you knew that the card price wasn't going to be extremely subjective to change. In the past decade though, higher end videocards have just become bloated pieces of shit.

Now before getting angry at what I said, take this into consideration. Today, the Geforce GTX 690 was released which cost $999. The cooling solution to it is something that would take two slots and would still run at a temperature of 130 degrees Fahrenheit when idle. What's worse, in the next year this thing's cost will just drop left and right due to the current wars. The reality is that this videocard design style is impractical and is one of the reasons that we are still seeing the beyond awful Intel GPUs in computers that cannot run anything using 3D graphics worth a shit.

Amp Blasts: BenOwns AGAIN!

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I was going to give this just one post and move on, but since he's decided to be a bitch I'm going to call BenOwns out. Apparently he decided on my first blasts post to leave a comment talking smack and act like he has real skills. In addition, he tried to make wild statements saying he has everybody's information. As a result, I'm going to make a quick rebuttal.

If this fat pile of shit was so talented, then explain why the "business site" he has is broken as hell? We go on there and half of the links are dead. Also, there aren't very many people on the forum. For what is supposed to be a business, it just feels like a vanity project designed to boost his unwarranted self importance.

Linux's Downfall.....

I know this post may anger some people, but I have a good reason for it. The lack of addressing security issues in Linux has reached ridiculous levels. So ridiculous in fact that I'm seeing Android cell-phones getting whooped and despite a promise of better security from Google, the reality is that their plan is not enough. There's also the fact that they have no concept of handling graphics cards correctly given the abnormally higher temperatures I keep seeing. With that in mind, I may have to try to hunt down a better OS for my PCs.

My experience with Visual Java.... err... I mean C#

I'm gonna keep this very brief. I understand what Microsoft was going for with C#, and do think it does some things right. At the same time, there are some libraries that C# lack that Java has. Both are capable languages though and when used CORRECTLY (and by correctly, I am emphasizing that they used with a good object oriented design) they can be very useful.

Five "Holy Shit" Moments in 2011 for SX

Note: The following list is in no particular order.

1. COSCStudent tries to play both sides:

2. is registered: So after getting shamed, and every attempt to mess with the site failed, what is the last, pathetic attempt to troll made by the only person ever to be exiled? Register a similar domain name of course. Kind of funny that it wasn't used for long though.

3. The End of The New Order: It wasn't mention on the frontpage, but sn4ggl3 left SoldierX in 2011 for reasons I won't divulge, but I will state that they are rather disappointing ones. With that, the New Order started in 2010 would end.

Visual Studio 2010 observations

For my basic programming concepts series of tutorials, I did not have to go very far into detail for the aspects covered and was able to show effective examples without having to utilize an full fledged integrated development environment for C++ and C#. However, the next series of tutorials that I am looking to do (Which currently has a working title of "Moving Past Basic Programming Concepts") is not as universal in their respective implementations. As a result, I have opted to use Visual Studio 2010 Professional as my IDE for C# and for C++ use both that and Eclipse. (I rotate between Windows and Linux so I wanted something for both operating systems.) There are a few observations I have made about Visual Studio that I figure I should share.

Introduction to List styled data structures

Notice: The following is a sample of a proposed new series of tutorials covering data structures and sorting in programming. Should I receive enough positive feedback, I will proceed with it.

In my Basic Programming Concepts tutorial, I covered how arrays work. The main purpose is that they held a group of variables that are of the same type. There is one issue with arrays though as in order to use them either the number of variables must be established or all of the variables have to be given at the time of declaration. In addition, arrays are often not very flexible with regard to the type of information that can be held. With that in mind, there are many tasks where using a different data structure comes in handy.

Amp Blasts: Cell Phones

Ok, its time I tell the truth about something that has a special dislike from me. In the past two years, I have had to put up with people complaining about the fact that I don't have one. They feel that I should fall in and get one. However, I feel that most of the people complaining are actually full of shit.

One reason for this is that a considerable amount of people saying this are in family plans, and 2/3rds of them don't even pay a dime. These family plans are inherently cheaper cause it's multiple users in one bundle. In my case, I have practically no family to speak of. As a result, the majority who fall under family plans and aren't paying a dime have zero right to talk to me since unlike them, I would be paying out the nose for one.

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