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Amp Blasts: BenOwns

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Today, I write a new column entry not on general stupidity. Instead, I'm writing this blasts post cause of the intentionally malicious actions of another. It isn't often that somebody inspires a special level of bile, but today it has happened. Essentially, BenOwns has shown how much of a piece of garbage he is.

First, he represents the growing community issue that I see where instead of trying to learn and get better with regard to computer security, they expect something for almost nothing. This individual complained about when he would get access to VIP files to an extent where people downvoted him. In addition, it was obvious that his posts showed that he was not willing to act more sociable on the forums, be patient, and not insult RaT. (Which I personally think he did.) That wasn't the worst thing that he did though.

Programming Recommendations....

Ok, with the first edition of Basic Programming Concepts complete, there is one question I should address. Up until this point I have taken an agnostic standpoint on what Object Oriented Programming Language is the best. The reason for this is that I honestly feel that there is no one perfect solution. As a result, I find it odd when I am asked for a recommendation on what programming language to learn.

360 Dashboard Update: More like a downgrade!

Figured I have a brief moment so I should mention this. First, apparently the new 360 Dashboard is chucking stupid ads at people left and right. The dethroning moment of suck in particular is that I actually saw it playing an ad for World of Warcraft, which is NOT a 360 game so that's kind of self defeating. With that in mind.... use to kill that crap. Now comes the bigger issue.

Apparently, Microsoft has decided to put a no suing clause in the EULA for this version of live. What makes this one worse though is that there is NO opt-out clause. I already know that some members of the SX Crew have vowed to JTAG their consoles as a direct result and vowed to never use live again. If it wasn't for the fact that there isn't a way to JTAG the fat models that have post-2009 firmware I'd probably do the same thing myself.

Security Warning: Comcast Toolbar

I figure I would drop a line since I encountered this issue on a laptop that belonged to somebody in my major. Apparently, Comcast has released their own security suite in an attempt to make things more secure. Unfortunately, their software is extremely buggy and the uninstall leaves ComcastAntiSpy.exe on the computer and a registry entry exists for it. As a result, this file will max out one of the cores of a processor when it actually isn't doing anything. With that in mind, I suggest that those with this issue do the following.

1. Look in Add/Remove Programs and remove the program called "CA Realtime Protection." (This name is extremely shady to say the least since this is supposed to be a Comcast program.)
2. If it is still there, go to C:\Program Files\comcasttb\ (or whatever drive letter is acting as the root directory) and remove everything inside of it, then make sure that the startup for this program is fully removed manually.

Amp Blasts: Kinect!

The following is Amp's Opinion only. By reading this, you agree that he cannot be held liable for it.

It's no secret that I play videogames on a regular basis. However, in recent years the whole Motion Control fad in gaming has gotten out of control. This all started with Wii's battery chomping remotes, which get forced upon whoever buys the system. Then Sony decides to ape them and make their own rendition. The one motion control system that I hate the most though is the Kinect.

To me, the Kinect represents the idiocracy of videogames. The overwhelming majority of games that use it are subpar titles at best and the only halfway decent one is actually hindered by requiring a Kinect for the best experience. (Cough, Child of Eden) Furthermore, the Kinect really is not friendly with regard to those who are physically handicapped or have limited mobility. This is only one reason for my strong hatred for this high tech toy.

Common new programming errors

In the course of the past year, I have seen quite a few good and bad habits pertaining to programming. One reason for the bad habits is sadly, some of the subpar entry level books that really don't have good programming practices. As a result, I figure that I should mention a few tips for an object oriented programming language that may make programs more readable and more beneficial.

1. Do not make methods bigger than your head. Seriously, a good method should really never exceed 15 lines of code unless it absolutely has to. If need be, split it into smaller methods to handle various aspects of the task if it is more beneficial. If this cannot be done, then refactor the program or possibly restart from scratch on the method.

Eclipse and Java: Using the Debugger

Before I proceed with my planned entry, I figure I should apologize for my recent absence. As RaT and some of the other SX members will mention, since the start of 2010 I have been going to school full-time with very short summer breaks. Hopefully though I can contribute something on a weekly basis even if it is something short.

Amp Blasts:

This is gonna be a rather quick posts so I'll make it simple. This site says that it searches for the best deals when it comes to gaming. However, its front page reeks of ads and lousy deals at best. If you are going to try to call yourself a site dedicated to good gaming deals, then either live up to it or shut the hell up.


Ok, I may as well talk a bit about this. The next two parts of the tutorials are going to talk about classes, inheritance, constructors, and object methods. With this in mind, I figure I should get some feedback about this matter. Currently, I am debating if I should conclude the Basic Programming Concepts guides after these concepts are covered and start writing a series covering several different types of sorting methods used in programming. Should anybody have any input on this matter, feel free to state any and all suggestions on the matter.

Amp Blasts: Oracle

Today, we saw a rather interesting development in the Oracle lawsuit against Google. Oracle was accusing Google of infringing on Java patents. It looked like Oracle was going to score an easy victory. Today however, a post was put up, showing a post made by Sun Microsystems former CEO in 2007 stating that they welcome the use of Java on Android phones just put a huge monkey-wrench in what was going to be a straight victory. This is also yet another showing of how Oracle's practices have become very abusive with regard to developers and their products.

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