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Amp Blasts: People who cannot take criticism

Disclaimer: The following posts expresses Amp's views and opinions with the nerd rage intentionally turned up to 11 for humor based reasons and not of any other members of SX. As always, this post is covered by the SX usage policy.

Amp Blasts: Valve Corporation

Disclaimer: Like always, these are only Amp's views turned up to 11 on nerd rage for humorous intent and is covered by the SX usage policy.

This may very well be a divisive matter since there are plenty of Steam fanboys. For that matter, Valve has done numerous high quality games. However, some recent evidence has come to light that now has me saying that I have had enough. Today, its time that Valve's decisions be taken to task appropriately.

Amp Blasts: Sprint

Disclaimer: Like always, the following are the views and opinions of Amp intentionally tuned up to 11 for entertainment purposes. These articles do not reflect the views of other members of SX, but does fall under this site's user agreement.

This has been a while in the making and was what prompted me to start making blasts posts about issues relating to Cell Phone companies. Now, everybody knows that AT&T is in reality the name SBC (Which several people I know have opted to nickname it Stupid Bitchass Corporation) started to use due to the bad rep their name was starting to receive. Speaking from experience, I know that Verizon is the king of bullshit charges and trying to withhold deposits. What people don't know though is how big of hypocrites Sprint is and I have several reasons for saying it.

The Robberbarons of Misfortune

Disclaimer: The following views and opinion are Amp's only and are not SX's views. In addition, this is not in the vein of Amp Blasts and is done to be more serious.

By this point, most of our US viewers know about the details of the unfortunate shootings that took place in Aurora, Colorado. I don't feel like I need to go over the details of that tragic incident. If individuals want to focus on that incident, my suggestion is to be concerned with the well-being of the victims and their families as they most likely need as much support as possible. What this post focuses on instead is on some aspects of the media and authority figures who rather than focus on that, have worked to try to find something to blame and in some cases seek to profit from incidents such as this as after seeing posts like this I felt this needed to be addressed.

Amp Blasts: iPhone fanboys!

Disclaimer: The following is intended to be for entertainment purposes only. These are the views of Amp only and are intentionally turned up to eleven in terms of nerd rage for the enjoyment of readers.

Since I took the piss straight out of Android, I figured its time to go after an aspect of the iPhone that does legitimately bother me. Now before I continue I will state that I legitimately feel that iOS is notedly superior to Android with regard to security, app development, optimization, and being generally user friendly. The one weakness that the iPhone itself has is that it cannot be customized as much as the android, but honestly speaking it isn't necessary. The big issue with the iPhone are the fan-boys who blindly support it and are generally uninformed.

Amp Blasts: Android

Disclaimer: Like always, the following are the views and opinions of Amp intentionally tuned up to 11 for entertainment purposes. These articles do not truly reflect the views of other members of SX, but does fall under this site's user agreement.

I have recently stated my issues with cell phones, but after getting the opportunity to see current smart-phones in action I have seen how useful they CAN be. However, the fact of the matter is that there are some major issues with smart-phones and in particular the current setup. In particular, most of what I have seen is that these days it is a two horse race between Android and iOS with other solutions really not picking up much steam in comparison. In the case of Android, there are some serious issues with the the platform that are senseless by nature.

Amp Blasts: Collegiate Energy Action Teams

This particular topic is one that really has bothered me as I have recently have seen one of these teams in action recently. Well, in action isn't really the proper word so much as how they are just more inactive. What particularly inspired this though was their obvious ignorance with regards to the usage of technology. The end result is that these so called Energy Action Teams are actually promoting the wasting of power due to their ignorance.

Future Amp Blasts Posts....

Before I proceed with the main part of this post, I should clarify something. After my most recent post, I have received some heat about some of the statements that I did make. With that in mind, I wish to state the following about things. Some individuals felt that I was being a "PC Fanboy" as I did take issue with Apple's computers. The honest reality is that I feel both platforms have their own flaws and I am not exactly a PC Fanboy. The honest reality is that as I said in the post in question, Mac OS X is indeed one of the best commercial Operating Systems available today. The issue I have was that based on some of my experiences, there are some issues with Macs that make them so that purchasing them is not a viable option. I am very interested in seeing how good the new Retina based MacBook Pros are though as this may give the necessary push for some better laptops from both PCs and MACs.

Amp Blasts: People obsessed with high end PCs

This has been something that has been brewing for a while, but RaT kind of brought this rage to the forefront. It is no secret that I don't have much of any disposable income. However, there are some people who fail to take this into consideration. In particular, people keep bugging me about upgrading my PC hardware.

I know that my desktop is old, but for what I do it works as there is only one game I cannot play on it that is of interest. However, from what I've seen most of the people I know in the crew use SLI which I think is complete overkill. Also, the most intensive program I run on my desktop is to playback Blu-Ray discs, which my Geforce 9600GT is more than capable of doing. The honest reality is that while modern PCs and MACs are indeed faster than what I have, it is an unnecessary expense that I cannot justify since I don't do high end gaming.

Amp Blasts: Nvidia drivers

When it comes to playing PC games, I cannot stand using Windows 7. I mentioned in an earlier post how Driver Enforcement has made using some of my hardware unusable on that operating system. There is also the issue that Windows 7 is slower due to how poorly made it was. However, it is the standard that everybody uses now and it has also caused for some new problems.

In 2011, Nvidia stopped making drivers for their mobile GPUs on Windows XP. This created a huge issue for me as many of the optimizations they have done in newer drivers I cannot utilize now. What makes this worse is that all programs that can detect driver versions constantly bitch at me about not having the newest drivers when I actually have the very last drivers they will make for mobile GPUs. I've just about had it with how backwards people are acting.

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