IRL Name: 
Junaid Hussain

A member of TeaMp0isoN and representing the United Kingdom. TriCk is responsible for data breaches which of T-Mobile and the United Nations were targeted. He and his team target countries such as Nigeria, Palestine, Syria and Peru. In January 2011 unauthorized status updates were posted on Mark Zuckerberg and French President Nicolas Sarkozy's accounts on facebook, The Daily Beast reported 16 year old hacker TriCk along with members of a hacking team known as "ZHC" said they had exploited a bug in the site allowing them to post updates and block newsfeeds. They joined Anonymous to launch Operation Robin Hood, intending to hack into websites to obtain credit cards and make donations to activists’ organizations around the world in an echo to the Bank Transfer Day movement. TriCk was arrested on or around April 14, 2012, Operation Retaliation was announced by TeaMp0isoN April 16, 2012.

On August 28th, 2015, it was reported that TriCk had joined ISIS as one of their most prominent hackers and had been killed by a drone strike.


Founder of Teamp0isoN, rival of LulzSec.

LulzSec member JoePie91, was defaced by TeaMp0isoN members TriCk and iN^SaNe.

They joined Anonymous to launch Operation Robin Hood.

In 2015, would join ISIS as one of their most prominent hackers.


TeaMp0isoN released LulzSec member information on the AnonOps IRC server, including IP addresses, and hashed passwords.

They claim this is one of the factors that led LulzSec disbanding, and also led to various arrests made in relation to LulzSec.