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Advice for people wanting change in the world

I figure I should say this briefly since I do have a little bit of free time right now. I've grown a bit tired of people complaining about how things need to change, yet they are doing nothing to make it happen. Regardless of if it's interpersonal relationships, to large political matters, this is a concept that can apply to all levels. If somebody wants change, yet won't reflect that change themselves then that is rather hypocritical and damages their message regardless of if they are right or wrong. I hate to have to point out this basic reality, but given what I've seen in my private life this past month I felt rather compelled to make this statement.

Where the hell is Amp?

Well, since some people may be wondering, I've had some outside commitments taking up the majority of my time. My involvement with SX will be limited for the foreseeable future as a result of this development unfortunately, but I will try to stop by from time to time.

Windows antivirus software, as dangerous as the malware it's supposed to stop?

Ok, recently on my laptop I opted to start using a antivirus program as I cannot use Linux on it. (Thanks GAYTI, your shitty Mobility Radeon GPU is straight f*cked cause they they overheat in general, but it's even worse in Linux.) What I saw when I did scans was that several things I used that were confirmed as safe were given false positives which was nothing short of annoying. The worst thing is that from what I've read some programs have given these false positives for 2-3 years and acknowledged it, yet won't do anything about it. The simple reality is that shows a lack of common sense as some programs that I use on a regular basis that I know are safe and open source projects at that are getting flagged as malware and these vendors will do nothing about it.

A war that cannot be won...

The post today is about a war that most of us have come to realize has become a no-win scenario due to the current strategies and methods that are being used. One that has ruined the lives of countless people, cost the taxpayers billions of dollars, and has even entangled the highest levels of the government. Most of all, this conflict is one that was started truly under false pretenses, and to this day is still being fought blindly by many without justification.

Now, at this point I'm sure most people reading this are thinking I'm covering OIF or Afghanistan. However, they are actually wrong cause this is the war on drugs! In the following video, Penn and Teller call bullshit on this war.

Bumping old posts and other stuff....

While there are not official rules concerning it, at this point in time I'm going to clarify that needlessly bumping posts that have had no activity for an extended amount of time is kind of frowned upon.

Also, starting next month I will be going back to College full time now that I am no longer under prior commitments. I don't know really what to expect in terms of schedule so if it seems like I'm never around, I apologize.

BANS? On my SX? It's more likely than you think. (Amp's POV)

Forenote: The following expresses only Amp's views and not the views of SX.

Ok, I made an official post, now it's time I talk openly about this one. For some time Watchmaker was walking on eggshells as he had made flame posts in the past and had acted rather poorly to other SX members. Today, he made one flame post too many and it was decided that he would be banned. While we don't like to be that way, it did unfortunately come to that as he knowingly violated the forum rules on the site. Personally, I am disappointed, but at the same time I have no sympathy cause of the poor conduct observed.

BANS? On my SX? It's more likely than you think. (The official statement)

Due to multiple issues with his conduct on the forums, Watchmaker has been banned.

Helliday Season

I don't know what it is, but it seems like the Holiday Season brings the worst out of people. Between so-called 'Christians' endlessly bugging me despite knowing better, stores shoving this season down my throat, people talking shit behind others backs, and people just acting with no common sense (Espically when it comes to driving as 80% of my rage is road rage due to how dumb people can be in this respect, lol) I have every reason to loathe the holiday season. Seriously, they talk about good will towards men, yet I have hardly seen any of it. I'm at the point where I'm about to make a T-Shirt that says FUCK CHRISTMAS with Bender from Futurama dressed like Santa stealing gifts unless things turn around!

What makes for good posts and content?

This may be preaching to the choir for many members, but I figure I may as well make a brief post.

What makes good content to provide?
- Tutorials, Documentation (preferably not copyrighted material), videos, or quite simply just covering user experiences with different aspects of technology.

What makes for a good forum/blog post?
- Mainly something that contributes something worthwhile. In some respects it's understandable if there will be a rant, but the best rants are usually the ones that are researched and as logical as possible. When in doubt, the forum rules on the site are a good guide in terms of what will work and what will not work.

Brick and Mortar Black Friday: What's the point?

In the past I talked about how Brick and Mortar had reached a rather rediculous extent when it came to electronics prices. However, after today I have to conclude that it's anything outside of grocery shopping. Most of the sales going on for Best Buy's black friday involved garbage electronics or trying to give rid of their inventory of shit films like Fast and the Furious and Twilight (that's right, I have the balls to say Twilight fucking sucks and I don't give a damn what anybody else says.) instead of having worthwhile products available. The thing that I found to be rather pitiful though is that not only were brick and mortar stores STILL not meeting the prices of online vendors, but it also has reached the extent where the sales being done by online stores like Newegg and Amazon are outright blowing them away.

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