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Why Amp will never buy a Xbox 360

This is something that really has drawn my ire, but with todays confirmation I've decided that I'll never buy a 360. It was confirmed that all the Cave Shmups coming out would be region locked so getting a Japanese 360 or modding a 360 (Which will result in it getting banned from Xbox Live in the process) is the only way to play it. With this in mind I've decided that since there are NO worthwhile exclusive games for it that I refuse to buy that console unless it has a 60 GB hard drive and it's under $100. (In other words, most likely never.)

Changes to Tutorial plans

Now that I have the first in what hopefully will be a series of tutorials intended to document lesser known capabilities in common hardware, I'm going to talk about the current plans for tutorials.

My planned guides......

Here's a list of the following guides I WAS working on...

Playstation 2 Independence Exploit
Playstation 2 homebrew booting on PStwo Slims
Homemade Arcade Style Controller guides for various controller types
USB controller/adapter tweaking

However, due to recent developments I cannot give any timetable on when they will be released. Stay Tuned though.

Guaranteed not to be a popular statement....

Since this is the first post I've been able to do relating to SX this year due to personal commitments I'm going to talk about something that should be done in relation of the group. However, what I'm about to say may not sit all that well with those who have been a part of the site for a while.


Ok, I kinda terminated the Rage-o-Holiday Season series preemptively due to time constraints that happened. However, it seems that I have been vindicated in a few respects concerning what I did point out. First, the follow drill after my Marine Corps roast went up things stopped being so nerfed due in part to a voluntary deployment that is pulling a large portion of our detachment. Also, the 3rd post helped halt some people who opted to talk out of their ass instead of spending the 5 minutes necessary to fact check what they say.

The worst movie this decade......

This is gonna enrage alot of people, but I've decided that I should talk about a film that is extremely polarizing currently. However, I believe that it is one of the worst films to come out this decade and in 5-10 years everybody who did like it will look back and say "What was I thinking?" The film in question is Grandma's Boy. Now, the main reason why I am going after this film is not for obvious things, but rather the fact that it is one of the blandest, unoriginal comedies I have seen. Seriously, every idea that they came up with has been done several times better by other films.

Rage-o-Holiday Season Part 6: Holiday Douches

Ok, part of the reason why I started this series of rants was actually due to the holidays themselves. Personally, whenever I go to any store during this type of year it feels like these holidays are practically rammed down my throat. The one thing about these holidays in particular that people love to pull shit with me about is the whole family issue. For those not in the know, the closest thing I do have to family is RaT and Blake as almost all of my relatives are deceased, incarcerated, or are off the deep end mentally.

Christmas Films: Pompous Cinema!

Ok, some of the worst films that I have had to sit through are seriously holiday films. The reason why I say that is due to the fact that they always have a certain level of pompous bullshit to them. One of the few films that I really liked that was holiday related was A Christmas Story cause that movie people can legitimately relate to. However, the majority of these films are usually shitty rehashes of stories like 'A Christmas Carol' or is full of some pompous family oriented message.

Chrono Trigger DS

Ok, normally I am not easy to impress when it comes to game releases, but Square Enix decided to take the classy route and give this game the port that it deserved for the DS release. For those who own a DS and have never played this before, I recommend checking it out. There is one major downside though that I do have to address. Charging the same price as other new games for what is a port feels rather ridiculous to me. Seriously, most games that get ported to the DS are $20, so the fact that this game is double that is gonna rub some people wrong.

Rage-o-Holiday Season Part 5: College/Pro Sports Douches!

For those who have no knowledge of SX prior to 2002 allow me to explain something. As most people will tell you throughout high school I never did one bit of athletics. More than that I went to a bullshit high school that loved to push it's athletics program out the ass and since I had the distinct displeasure of being in high school right when the Columbine shootings happened anybody who didn't have 'school spirit' or weren't straight A students were treated like bad apples to say the least.

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