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Berserk Remastered.....

Ok, now that I've returned after what was a longer than expected Drill Weekend, I figure I should talk about the re-mastered release of Berserk from Media Blasters. Now I will mention that when I heard about this I (along with quite a few other members of Skullknight's forums) were VERY hesitant to accept what would be an obvious double dipping, espically since the coverart is inferior to the beautiful Box of War that was made in 2001.


Ok, since I talked about wanting to do something unique and different, I figure I should openly mention this disagreement. Recently while discussing the plans for a video related project RaT was trying to push upon me the idea of us using some so-called 'experimental' hip hop act. Personally, I was not impressed by it and gave it the thumbs down, but RaT tried to wear me down about it (something he should stop trying cause it simply doesn't work in case he hasn't figured it out) which really got annoying.

Nvidia Drivers: What happened?

For those not in the know, I strongly dislike ATI videocards cause for the longest time they made use of German developers for the drivers who in my opinion had their heads straight up their asses due to all the problems they had. While they may have gotten better when ATI catalyst came out, there are still issues with their hardware, of note being their mobile GPUs running at unacceptable temperatures. Finally, their Linux drivers were nothing short of atrocious until late 2007.

Multimedia stereotypes related to computer programming that need to go away

Recently with the talk of us planning out possible videowork, I figure I should talk about the stereotyping that the common user may have and why I strongly dislike it.

- People thinking that we're gonna do stuff based on The Matrix. (Personally, I thought the first film was only DECENT at best and the sequels were terrible.)
- People expecting us to be like the character J.P. from Grandma's Boy (Which as I've stated before is to me one of the worst films made this decade.)

Overrated Companies 2: Harmonix

For those living under a rock, I play rhythm games. One thing that has been very crappy though is that people automatically try to associate me with Guitar Hero and Rock Band, both made by Harmonix. Here's the reality folks, the whole keysound and rhythm gaming idea was started in 1997 when Konami started their Games and Music Division (Which would later be renamed to Bemani) not these Americunts and aside from a few Korean rhythm games nobody's been able to top the quality of these releases.

Overrated Companies 1: Vivid Entertainment and Wicked Pictures

I know what I'm going to say will piss somebody off, but it seems like whenever any network (Of note being G4, which in the last 2 years has become a bad Spike TV wannabe) covers any event related to the adult entertainment industry they always veer towards Vivid and Wicked's booth in an attempt to make porn look more classy. Personally, I can't stand it anymore cause the reality is that most of the films coming from these two companies are overpriced, overrated, overhyped films that would be the standard late night Cinemax fanfare if it was from anybody else.

10 signs of a youtube retard

1. The unregistered HyperCam message on the top left corner of the screen.
2. Generic white text on a blue background.
3. Incorrect aspect ratio.
4. Crappy sound quality.
5. Replacing the sound on a videogame playthrough with some crap pop music.
6. Having a low framerate for no real reason.
7. Sync Issues.
8. Camming a TV Show or Movie.
9. Videos being falsely titled in a pathetic attempt to get more viewers.
10. Putting up other members videos and having no original content whatsoever.

PC HDTV Tuners: What happened?

Recently I have been looking for a HDTV Tuner for my PC as my TV (CRT HDTV) does not have ATSC capabilities. The simple reality though is that despite these standards being out the cards haven't gone down in price or improved. They've actually gone up in price and gone down in quality which makes zero fucking sense. In 2007 I read about ATI making a Digital Cable Tuner that would allow for CableCARD to be brought to PC, but that never fully materialized in a form that was made available for people not looking to buy a brand new PC.

Will Amp do anymore flashwork?

Short answer: No.
Longer Answer: Hell no.

For those who can't figured it out, I've moved to video cause it's a much more viable platform.

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