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For those wondering, tomorrow the second PSP tutorial (Setting up and utilizing CFW Enabler) should hopefully be finalized and going up. I will mention in advance that I will not be covering setting up POPS at this tutorial and have no plans to do so unless there is enough interest. Also, a few people have been wondering why I am not active in the forums. The reason is that I don't have much involvement in the topics going on in the forums as I am not currently involved in software development. (This is subject to change as I am going back to college for CS.)

On another note, back in late September I started P90X mainly in an attempt to improve overall durability. (As RaT will mention, I actually need to gain weight cause I look like Skeletor to him.) The lesson that I've learned, NEVER laugh at certain exercises cause it can come back to haunt you, espically Yoga.

Comcast Cable modem changes

Since there are plenty of people who may be effected by this, I should mention what I found out. Starting next month all Cable Modems leased through Comcast will be with router hardware included. While this may be good for less knowledgable users, this has the possibly to go the same way as AT&T where they won't allow 3rd party routers for many areas.

Also, I will confirm that I am in the process of writing a ChickHEN and CFW Enabler tutorial for the PSP in what is the 2nd of my series of 'lower end' tutorials.

The ghosts of Banja Luka

For those not in the know, I've been in Bosnia for the last few weeks. I should be back soon.

Current Gen games that kick ass Part 1: No More Heroes

Ok, since I was accused of being a hater after saying that I haven't see that many games that really have peaked my interest this generation. I've decided to highlight games that I am a fan of this generation.

Hell has frozen over

Ok, I said it would never happen, but recently I finally broke down and got a 360. Honestly speaking though I am not impressed with the console. There are not that many games that I am really interested in. (FPS games without a keyboard and mouse is not acceptable in my opinion.) The majority of worthwhile games I've seen are actually on Xbox Live Arcade which is bad. The biggest issue I have is the fact that as I do like to import some games, the fact that Japanese Publishers like to enable region coding really does upset me.

The cursed tutorial...

Something that I was hoping to do was do a few video tutorials on console modding. However, every time I tried to work on these projects something would happen to stop work on it much to my own dismay and further contributing frustration. The most recent issue is that my laptop went to crap and the partition had to be redone. After a little time away from what was a huge mess and since I now have more free time than expected it's time to finally go forward with this.

None too pleased

Ok, after the events of the last 3 months, I'm fucking done being nice. Lately several people in the community think I should drop everything for them, then at the same time disrespect me by either blowing me off or simply keeping me out of the loop repeatedly. What's worse is that I'm seeing Azrael putting out worthwhile reviews left and right on here and they go mostly unnoticed cause it's not called 'actual site content' by some people. The one thing though that has pissed me off the most is that some people here want to act like I'm the bad guy cause I don't like how things have been.

Ted Stevens's conviction tossed out

To keep this short and sweet apparently prosecutors withheld evidence from the defense that could have rendered a not guilty verdict. Personally I can understand this happening. What is shitty though is that Gov. Sarah Palin is calling for the Senator Begich to step down and have a rematch "without the taint of a criminal case against Stevens." I'm calling out Palin for being a dumb bitch cause he fucking lost and the Republicunts need to get over it.

End User Security and Antivirus issues...

This has been all over tech news, but as I keep seeing people who know nothing about this I cannot stress enough that there are security updates and antivirus software for computers for a reason. (Before any Mac fanboys say anything, even OS X does security updates as well so STFU.) Words cannot express my dismay when Windows users have this mentality that "They'll never get hit with anything bad" until it happens. In which case since I always try to warn people I have to fight the urge to say 'I told you so' for such overzealous behavior.

Adobe Flash

Recently, my assistance was requested for a project which called for some flashwork. The last version that I did use was Flash 7. With this in mind this past weekend was the first time I got to use CS3 (9) and CS4 (10) which were developed by Adobe as they acquired Macromedia in December 2005. Here's my overall observations of how flash has been handled by both companies.

Macromedia Flash - A solid multimedia platform that worked pretty well for the pre-broadband age of the internet and had a solid authoring package.

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