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The Site is Back!

Ok, I had plans for content that was going to be put up, but as the site was down it never happened. At the end of this weekend though I will continue the series of blogs I was planning originally.

Scene Whores and Fact Checking

I figure since nobody else will talk about it, I will cause I'm done playing nice. First, I honestly believe that the one thing that has screwed up the hacking scene in general are the sheer amount of scene whores involved. It's one thing to not know much and be new, but it's another thing to be an established part of the group that does nothing worthwhile in a sad attempt to boost their own ego.

Silent Hill Homecoming review

As I am a big fan of the Silent Hill series, I figured I should get this off my chest. SILENT HILL HOMECOMING is not a true Silent Hill game. It's very obvious that a US developer made the game instead of Team Silent and after playing through it I think Akira Yamaoka should re-consider his stance that the US are farther along when it comes to psychology in gaming than the Japanese since most of the stuff coming out from US developers is shovelware and garbage franchises. (All I need to do is mention the Madden franchise to prove my point.

Storebought Desktops: The ultimate reality

Ok, I've just about had it with the Desktop I got shortly after my deployment. (I opted to get an HP instead of building it myself for the first time in 6 years in what was a huge mistake.) The reality though is that most of these storebought machines are simply pieces of shit. Between the mystery hardware, the shit power supplies, garbage onboard sound and graphics, and the fact that many of them cannot handle any videocard upgrades cause of their poor airflow they are simply not justified.

Yesterday was happy Communistcast day!

For those not in the know, yesterday the 250 GB bandwidth limit became official for people using Comcast as their ISP. (Yea right, they'll probably just call up, say I'm over the limit, and do nothing else.) At this point in time, I'd like to point out how retarded their thinking is for coming up for such a stupid idea. What really bugs me is that one of these spokespersons said the following:

"The average user only uses 2-3 gigabytes a month."

The revival of classic gaming

This past week Wario Land Shake It and Mega Man 9 were both released. While both of these games are done in the vein of classic platformers, they also represent the two different schools of thought on how to handle the retrogaming experience.

Appendix to 'Are current consoles truly HD?'

Normally I would have continued onto my next topic, but something I obviously forgot to tackle was one other platform that games are being developed for, the PC. As I recently upgraded my videocard in my Home Theater PC setup, I decided to fire up Unreal Tournament 3 to see how well it would play. First I decided to go 1280x720 at max settings and like I expected it stayed at 60 fps all the time. Then somewhat for humor I decided to try 1920x1080 and surprisingly, it ran dead on.

Are current consoles truly HD?

For the last 3 years now I'm sure most people have heard all the hype about Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 making games go HD. Well, now that both consoles have been out for a decent amount of time now I'm going to see how well this promise has been upheld by mentioning the native resolutions and framerates of games that have appeared on these systems:

Assassin's Creed:
Both consoles - 720p with both consoles suffering framerate issues thus failing to meet the 720p standard of 60 frames per second.

GTA 4:
Xbox 360 - 720p
Playstation 3 - 1152x640

Teleprompter Personalities....

It's obvious that some television personalities are just talking heads getting fed lines, jokes, and in some cases personalities via teleprompter. However, while I was gone this past weekend Oprah finally got revealed to be a teleprompter-fed retard which was a great delight to see when I got home. Hopefully this will help people see how much this type of shit happens in the larger media. Seriously, most people know MTV is like this, but I also contend that most cable news channels are like this as well.

The decline of Brick and Mortar

Ok, recently I went to a special sale as an electronics store that was closed to the public hoping that I could possibly find a few good deals. Unfortunately what I found was that when comparing the prices of hardware between stores and online retailers, even with the given discount and a $50 gift card I won in a drawing they still had the higher price when it came to the overwhelming majority of computers and electronics.

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